Ice Skating Cody WY: Everything You Need to Know

Ice skating in Cody, WY, emerges as a treasured activity, blending leisure, sport, and a strong sense of community. This winter sport takes a special place in Cody, located near the majestic landscapes of Yellowstone National Park, offering an enchanting winter activity to any vacation in the area. It provides an ideal blend of excitement and fun, set in a town that’s as rich in culture as it is in beauty.

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Indoor Ice Skating in Cody, WY

Victor J. Riley Arena

At the center of Cody’s vibrant winter scene is the Victor J. Riley Arena and Community Events Center. From mid-August to the end of April, this facility transforms into a bustling hub for ice-related activities, welcoming everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes. Public skate sessions invite individuals and families to enjoy the ice. Stick-and-puck, freestyle figure skating, and adult drop-in hockey sessions are available for those looking to refine their skills. The arena also caters to celebrations and gatherings, providing a unique setting for birthday parties and private rentals.

Fostering the Future of Hockey With the Thrill of the Game

In Cody’s tight-knit community, the Riley Arena serves as the pulsing heart of hockey. It proudly hosts the Yellowstone Quake, a USA Hockey Tier III Junior A Team. This hockey team is known for its competitive spirit and ability to rally community support. It adds zest to local ice sports, creating an electrifying atmosphere at games that draws the community together in a shared love for hockey. With dedicated programs supporting over 110 youth players and a robust adult hockey scene, the arena fosters a nurturing environment for aspiring players and seasoned enthusiasts alike. This combination of competitive play and community spirit showcases the arena’s role as a venue and a beacon of camaraderie and sportsmanship in Cody.

Outdoor Ice Skating Rink in Powell, WY

About 30 minutes from Cody, public skating at an outdoor ice rink is available in Powell, WY, at the Powell Rec. This location opens Monday through Saturday from 1 to 5 PM and offers outdoor ice skating as soon as temperatures get cold enough to maintain the ice. It has night lighting, restrooms, concessions, and skate rentals for all ages.

Ice Skating Safety Tips

Before hitting the ice, ensure you wear skates that fit well and provide ankle support. Additionally, protective gear, like helmets and pads, help prevent injuries, especially if you’re just starting out. Warming up off the ice is key to avoiding injuries, as is staying vigilant about your surroundings to prevent collisions. Also, learning the right way to fall can make a big difference in keeping you injury-free. Keep these tips in mind for a safe skating experience.

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