4 Things You Have to Experience Near the East Entrance to Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is known for boasting its fair share of natural wonders, and the East Entrance is close to some of the most iconic. Because the park is so vast, the park has five different entrances, and you’ll most likely want to explore activities close to your gate. Lucky for you, the East Entrance to Yellowstone is one of the most scenic and spacious in the park. Here are our top four things to see nearby! 

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These Are the Best Things to See Near the East Entrance to Yellowstone 

Yellowstone Lake 

When you enter the park from the East Entrance, you’ll be greeted by large mountain peaks and hiking opportunities all around. Take the incredibly scenic drive to Yellowstone Lake, the largest high elevation lake in North America and the park’s largest body of water. While this lake is cold year-round and not ideal for swimming, you’re in for some unbeatable views! Loved by anglers and boaters alike, it’s easy to spend time here. Plus, nothing beats a picnic by the water on a warm day or simply driving around the lake to appreciate the glistening water and mountainous backdrop.  

Fishing Bridge 

On the northern tip of Yellowstone Lake, you’ll find a local gem. Once a beloved place for anglers, Fishing Bridge is now part of Yellowstone’s rich history. Ironically, fishing hasn’t been legal on Fishing Bridge since 1973 due to the decline of cutthroat trout. Although, visitors still gather on the bridge to watch the fish down below! Plus, there are lots of hiking trails to explore here if you find yourself taken with this area.  

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone 

Head further north to experience truly one of the best things to see in the park, The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This enormous canyon was created over thousands of years due to water and wind erosion. Now, it’s one of the best hiking spots in the park and allows visitors to admire the beauty of its terra cotta cliffs and river snaking through the bottom. While the area is vast, you’ll still want to arrive either early in the day or late in the afternoon to avoid the mid-day rush to this popular site.  

Tower Fall 

You won’t want to miss this spectacular waterfall north of Yellowstone Lake. While it’s closer to the North Entrance, it’s well worth the venture. Tower Fall sits 132 feet above its gorge. Discovered in 1870, it was named not for the height, but for the obscure tower-like structures that sit at the top of the waterfall.  

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