5 Winter Activities to Enjoy in Cody Wyoming

Cody, Wyoming, is beautiful all year, but winter is a special time to visit. If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and seeing wildlife enjoy the snow, then you should check out our favorite Winter Activities in Cody, Wyoming!

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5 Great Winter Activities in Cody, Wyoming

1 Skiing and Snowboarding in Cody Wyoming

The ski slopes in Cody are perfect for the beginner looking to learn, the casual who enjoys the occasional trip downhill, and the diehard for who slopes are optional. Here are a few great places to ski in the Cody, Wyoming, area!

2 Christmas in Cody

If you want to stay festive on vacation, you can have a Cody Cowboy Christmas when you visit! During Christmastime, the Cody Christmas Stroll and Lighted Parade is the main event, while the Buffalo Bill Center hosts a holiday open house.

3 Yellowstone Snowcoach Tour

After the fall, Yellowstone closes most of its entrances to visitors, and the only way to traverse the National Park is by snowmobile, snow coach, or dogsled). A snow coach is a lot like a bus converted to operate on snow. Take advantage of the weather by booking a snow coach tour to see sights like Old Faithful set against the stark white snow of winter.

4 Blue-Ribbon Trout Fishing

If ice fishing is a little too daunting for you, why not try blue-ribbon trout stream fishing? Bundle up and bring your fly rod as you cast your hopes in a nearby stream for one of the hidden pleasures of winter fishing. As far as winter activities in Cody go, this is one that is not meant for everyone!

5 Ice Climb Cody’s frozen Waterfalls

The beautiful waterfalls of the South Fork Valley of the Shoshone River are stunning for ice climbing during the winter! The average ice climbs vary between 100m and 300m and will have your heart pumping as you traverse routes such as “Grandma’s Chicken” or “Broken Hearts.”

Stay in Cody Wyoming

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