What Are 6 of the Best East Yellowstone National Park Attractions?

When it comes to Yellowstone National Park, there are plenty of things to see and do. Whether you spend a day hiking one of the many incredible trails in our area or soak in the gorgeous natural beauty of the park, you’ll never run out of places to have a good time. We recommend exploring the top East Yellowstone National Park attractions during your trip, where waterfalls, a lake, and tons of mountains await you! 

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Where to Find the Best East Yellowstone National Park Attractions 

Tower Fall 

Tower Fall is one of the most amazing attractions in East Yellowstone National Park. This beautiful showcase of cascading water sits 132 feet above the gorge and is only a short hike from the road. While it’s close to the North Entrance of the park, it’s well worth the trek. 

Fishing Bridge 

Discover a piece of rich Yellowstone history at the Fishing Bridge. This once-popular fishing bridge (fishing not allowed since 1973) serves as the main way for cars to cross the Yellowstone River at the north end of Yellowstone Lake. Stand on either end of the bridge and take a gander at the many fish swimming at the mouth of the river! 

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 

Located halfway between the Fishing Bridge and Tower Fall is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. While this regal sight may not be on the same scale as the actual Grand Canyon in Arizona, it boasts some of Yellowstone’s most iconic landscapes. This is a must-see during your visit. 

Mud Volcano 

If you want to experience one of the oddest attractions in East Yellowstone National Park, stop at the Mud Volcano Group while driving from the Fishing Bridge to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This collection of boiling mud pits put on a fascinating display that you can view from several trails. 

Avalanche Peak 

The Avalanche Peak trailhead sits along the highway about eight miles west of the East Entrance to Yellowstone. Take the challenging two-and-a-half-mile trek to the top to enjoy incredible views of Middle Creek, Sylvan Pass, and the surrounding beauty of the park. 

Yellowstone Lake 

Yellowstone Lake greets you as you enter the park from the East Entrance. This large body of water (the largest in the park) offers plenty of recreation opportunities ranging from fishing to boating. It’s also a great place to enjoy a nice picnic lunch with the family. 

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